Tragic Spirits at Hellerau

I was honored to be a part of team presenting Tragic Spirits (a documentary dance performance inspired by the ancestral spirits of the Siberian, and their origins can be traced back to the Buryats people) at HYBRID biennale Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Hellerau in Germany.

Thanks a ton to a wonderful team:
Concept, Documentary and Direction – Choy Ka Fai
Supernatural Presence – Bukha Noen
Dramaturgy – Tang Fu-Kuen
Choreography and Performance – Yurika Yamamoto
Sound design – Tseng Yun-Fang
Visual and Virtual Reality Artist – Maria Judova
3D Avatar and Programming – Brandon Tay, Huang Wei-Hsuan and Huang Wei
Light Design, Installation and Technical Direction – Ray Tseng
Costume Design – Kayn Ken and Kuo Yu Ning
Research and Mediaturgy – Mi You
Research and Translation – Mitya Glavanakov
Shamanic Heritage Consultation — Palace of Heaven, Ulan Ude, Buryatia Republic
Project Manager – Mara Nedelcu
Visual Operator – Damjam Šporčić
Costume Assistance – Justyna Gmitrzuk
Tour Manager – Tammo Walter
Photos – Klaus Gigga

More info:

Tragic Spirits at Hellerau

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