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visual concept, creation

A multimedia performance that reflects the extreme forms of today’s entertainment together with the brutality and tension of the contemporary world.

“Yesterday I saw some cruel photos and my reaction was zero. I realized it later. As if I were looking at a photo of a capuchin. Sometimes I’m so emotionally drained that nothing moves me anymore. And at the same time, I still hope that one day I will experience the tenderness of the universe”

“Yes, we may have gone crazy. We convince each other that the world around us is tender and gentle and that together we can influence it. Ok, it’s an act of madness. And trust. Perhaps. We believe in the fragility of the body and the power of the voice and vice versa, and we dive into ourselves with the image. And in this form we then understand and interpret the world around us and look for strategies to survive”

“Maybe words were never quite enough for us, even if we pretend it’s great”

“How about we stop for once and just be. What would happen then? If space and time and all contours, lines, edges, points, shapes, gestures disappeared. How would our body move?”


Concept: Sára Vondrášková (Never Sol), Markéta Vacovská, Mária Júdová
Music: Sára Vondrášková (Never Sol)
Performance: Markéta Vacovská
Visuals: Mária Júdová

Curator: Sandra Baborovská
Project is part of Light Underground which aims to revive the basement of Dům U Kamenného zvonu

Photos: Vojtěch Brtnický


2022/11 Dům U Kamenného zvonu, Galerie hlavního města Prahy GHMP, Prague, CZ

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