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The Fatal Light Attraction is an audio-visual performance based on an eponymous album by british musician Samuel Kerridge.

The Fatal Light Attraction performance is based on this year’s eponymous album by Samuel Kerridge, an experimental music producer from Berlin. The AV show is based on a system of live coding that responds in real time to the audio source, a system of intense lighting surrounds the performer, creating a sense of motion acting as a counterpart to the sound. The illusion of a moving shadow.


“A truly coherent and intense audiovisual project characterises the whole show: Kerridge’s usual sonic arsenal, which includes even a walkie-talkie and guitar feedback, directly assaults the listeners’ guts. Simultaneously, Andrej’s and Maria’s minimalist yet intense and sophisticated light production establishes a backdrop to Samuel Kerridge’s performance, creating anthropomorphic floating shadows through the live connection of sound and light, which barely resemble a human being. The performance is a perfect example of maximal effect achieved with minimal formal means.” Lunchmeat


Music: Samuel Kerridge
Light design: Mária Júdová & Andrej Boleslavský

Fatal light attraction trailer


2017/06 Heart of Noise, Innsbruck, AT
2017/06 Timeshift presents Bad Gateway, Bologna, IT
2017/04 L.E.V. festival, Gijon, ES
2016/12 Transient, LeTetris, Le Havre, FR
2016/11 Transient, CabaretSauvage, Paris, FR
2016/10 MorphonicLab, Dresden, DE
2016/10 EkkoFestival, Bergen, NO
2016/10 MugakoFestival, Pais Vasco, ES
2016/10 LunchmeatFestival, Prague, CZ
2016/09 OpenSourceArtFestival, Sopot, PL
2016/09 TransArt, Bolzano, IT
2016/08 Katharsis, Amsterdam, NL
2016/03 SaveFestival, Arma17, Moscow, RU
2016/02 Artefact, STUK, Leuven, BE
2015/08 Atonal, Berlin, DE

Fatal light attraction

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